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Our Greatest Challenge can be Remembering this…



No matter what, you are empowered with the ability to choose what “side” you are looking at!!!  Make the choice, even if you have to make it 1000 times a day!! IMG_8252

Be Patient!

If there is one thing that all of us can agree with is that no matter what, in life, there is always balance. Since living things strive for homeostasis, we, as human beings (not Human Doings) must embrace the natural balance of our spiritual, emotional and financial lives.  The reason that this concept and strategic approach is so important to understand is that when we face our, seemingly, darkest hour, we can find comfort in the dynamic that there is a purpose in it.  At some point, even while still emotionally wounded, the pendulum of life shifts and life goes from being as dark as it was to brighter than you could have imagined.   Today’s meme illustrates this concept!!!!!!



Critical Thinking

Communication is paramount in all relationships. Today’s Blog is going to focus on a concept that FADI uses to connect the importance of communication, employee engagement, and critical thinking. Communication is vital in all of our relationship dynamics, and in today’s thought, I want to discuss how important communication is in the corporate arena. Without a doubt the key to leadership in today’s workforce is communication, and the result of effective communication with employees is engagement. Establishing an organization critical-thinking culture around critical thinking strategies will ensure that communication links are competent enough to communicate organizational goals, change management processes and the strategic approach must ensure that communication is efficiently as well. Engaged employees can work towards the company mission while continuing to train, develop and grow; thus, having an organizational culture designed to engage staff can be a company’s competitive advantage.
In an economic climate in constant flux, the need for attentive, prepared staff has never been more important — such staff must think critically to allow for teams to adapt to challenges and act decisively both as individuals and as a collective. Effective critical-thinking leads to positive organizational inertia, by which success today makes success tomorrow more likely. A corporate culture that thinks critically about how well it communicates and what it communicates will enhance decision-making ability of all who participate in the process of achieving those goals and outcomes that have been over-communicated by leadership.
At FADI, our critical-thinking process has been founded on the perspective that we have the most significant impact on as many people as possible. We work on developing a “habit of focusing on the elements of thought whenever the need to solve a problem arises. Whether it is in the corporate world, workplace leadership, school or life in general, the practice of analyzing your thinking and decision-making processes whenever a problem-solving need arises is paramount in today’s change-oriented climate.

Stay Grateful!


What do you seek?

This meme says so much and should profoundly resonate with all aspects of your decision-making processes!!

Stay Grateful

You influence “it”!

It’s the micro-choices in your life that influence everything in your environment. Each time we chose how we react we begin to influence what we attract and we attract what We Are! When you are stressed later)inevitability stress arrives) or you find yourself in a “place” where you feel your mental, physical and professional well-being could improve then analyze your thought process and what decision-making process led you there.

This dynamic leaves us in total control!

Winds of Change Seminar

Please join us for this very impactful day.


Winds of Change Seminar

Welcome to September!! If you are anything like us, you’re wondering where the time has gone this year. The good news is that the Winds of Change seminar that we are hosting with Guest Speaker (and CEO of FADI) Joel Nagelbush is a short 3 weeks away!

Have you gotten your tickets already? If not, you don’t want to be left out! Keep in mind that there is limited seating available and lunch will be provided. To make sure you are part of this amazing event, please click here.


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