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It is All on Purpose!


It is All on Purpose! As the Good and Bad change agents come into our lives, it is important to remember that both have a purpose, that both agents are designed to teach and guide us. Recognizing that It ALL has a purpose allows us to identify the change agent for what it is so we can lean into Change and embrace the purpose behind It. The more effectively we manage the change, the more efficiently we can learn the lessons from It. Stay Grateful

Words as Change Agents

Words as Change Agents

The Change Management Company

Embracing Change is the Key to Growth


Here is a short video on how FADI can help you embrace and deal with change, if you want to Grow, then you will have to learn how to Master Change.

Certainly Your Choice!!!

Certainly your Choice!!!!

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Time has a Purpose

Having faith in that Purpose is how “Peace” is found inside of life’s change agents!

Stay Grateful


A message of Gratitude!!

A Heros Journey

Today is Justin’s 15-year Celebration of Life.

Today is a reminder for me, for all of you, to stay grateful and to remember what Grounds you”.
There is no way that I could ever repay the debt or demonstrate the gratitude that I have for the Donor family and the Transplant World So, as you many of you may have noticed 😊, I give back in any way that I can and, as you also may have seen, I encourage you to give back as well. No one could have estimated the impact that Justin’s Transplant would have on the lives of so many others, an impact and effect that continues to grow, evolve and flourish through awareness and remembering days like today.
I trust that you are all having an awesome week, THANK YOU and Stay Grateful!!!!!!

Take a Moment to Reflect

Take a Moment to reflect

Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer whose notable career spans more than three decades providing breathtaking imagery for feature films, television shows, documentaries and commercials.

Ultimately, it is your choice!!!!



No matter how difficult or insurmountable the challenges seem, you always have a choice as to which “side” you are going to look at. One of the keys to living a purpose driven life is identifying, noticing and embracing the “reminders” around you that are there to keep you grateful and grounded. Choosing the Brighter Side is not always easy, and often the “brighter side” isn’t that bright at all, but just a glance up at the brighter side can change your trajectory and lead you to better Moments and better “Nows.”

STay focused on the choice to look at the Brighter side, and you will keep yourself out of the mental rut that can stifle or growth inertia.

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